Episode 56 – Ken Budd – How to be a Voluntourist

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650,000 hours. That’s the average human life span and the title of a new website and newsletter launched by author, columnist, and former AARP Editor Ken Budd. Following his father’s unexpected death, Ken spent time volunteering around the world in an effort to find meaning and purpose, which led to his award-winning memoir, The Voluntourist. Ken joins Lynne on the Make Meaning podcast to discuss making the most of our time on Earth – finding meaningful work, satisfaction in life, making an impact in the world, and living every hour in a way that matters. Tune in here:

In addition to being an award-winning writer and “voluntourist,” Ken Budd has written for the New York TimesNational Geographic TravelerThe Washington Post, and authors the column Everyday Heroes for The Saturday Evening Post. He has appeared on radio and TV many times, and despite his recent transition to a lower-income career, finds himself with a higher level of happiness and life satisfaction.

In this episode, Lynne and Ken discuss:

  • What it means to be a “voluntourist”
  • Making our 650,000 hours matter
  • How the smallest gestures can have the biggest impact
  • Gaining clarity from crisis
  • When decreased pay brings increased happiness
  • Ken’s 4 lessons learned from volunteering

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How have you been spending your 650,000 hours? Share your thoughts with Lynne. Drop her a line here.

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