Episode 157 – Blake Kimzey – Creating a Writing Community

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Blake Kimzey is the founder of writingworkshops.com, a global community offering writing classes taught by experienced instructors, like Make Meaning Podcast host Lynne Golodner. He is also an author, screenwriter and hands-on dad of three. In this episode, Blake recalls a pivotal moment in sixth grade when he wrote a King Arthur rip-off. He and Make Meaning Podcast host Lynne Golodner also talk about his journey as an author, the inspiration behind WritingWorkshops.com and the surprising and very winding journey of becoming an author.

In this episode, Lynne and Blake discuss: 

  • Going from short stories to writing a novel
  • Submitting novels and receiving rejections
  • Transitioning to screenwriting
  • Writing a novel while working at an engineering firm
  • Embracing the long-term nature of a writing career
  • The importance of supporting women authors over 40
  • WritingWorkshops.com’s explosive growth
  • Offering online classes during the pandemic and beyond
  • Being in it for the long haul and why “first” novels are often third, fourth or tenth projects
  • Publishing later in life
  • Coming into your voice
  • Creating stakes, tension and care for the characters

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