Episode 79 – Laura Munson – How to Find Refuge in Writing

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Writing has been a refuge for Laura Munson since she was a child. Today, the Montana-based author of New York Times bestselling books Willa’s Grove and This Is Not the Story You Think It Is: A Season of Unlikely Happiness leads writing retreats and helps others find their voices.

Laura’s writing has been published in nine countries, and before the COVID-19 pandemic, she traveled from city to city, leading conversations on how to build “bridge communities” and find freedom through asserting one’s voice. And while her writing has been lifelong as much as a lifeline, Laura’s success began when her Modern Love column that led to her first published book captured listeners’ hearts and reminded them that they are not alone. Her Modern Love column is the second most-read piece in the feature’s history.

In this episode, Laura and Lynne Golodner talk about writing past the fear of exposure, writing as practice, prayer, meditation, a way of life and a way TO life, and so now what?, the next logical step from pandemic or other life-changing events. They also discuss the courage to face the empty nest, and how cultivating a self-definition that is productive and creative during motherhood can help women transition through the time that their children leave the nest.

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Laura’s Permission Slips: “I give myself permission to be exactly who I am and have it be easy. You’re in your voice or your flow when there is ease. Create an inner champion that accepts you as you are.”

In this episode, Laura and Lynne discuss:

  • Writing as refuge
  • Learning the language of your heart
  • Writing through a marital crisis
  • Facing crossroads moments like an empty nest
  • Building a writing protocol that works for your life
  • What comes next … after pandemic, and after big life changes
  • Finding work that you’re good at

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