Episode 62 – Jen Coken – Finding “Soul Purpose”

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What would you tell your younger self, if given the chance? When it comes to finding meaning and purpose, Jen Coken says it’s more about what your younger self can tell you. Jen is an author, life coach and comedian who helps people identify and fulfill their “soul purpose” in both their professional and personal lives. She joins Lynne Golodner on this week’s episode of the Make Meaning podcast to talk about her own journey to purpose, and keys for finding direction, challenging your self-made limitations, and forging a successful path to reach your goals. What makes your heart sing? Learn more about fulfilling that purpose here:

About our guest

Jen Coken worked for 25 years in issue and electoral politics prior to writing her book, When I Die, Take My Panties: Turning Your Darkest Moments into Your Greatest Gifts, chronicling Jen’s experience of coping with her mother’s death from ovarian cancer. This career transition was fueled by Jen’s own search for her true purpose, which is to “educate and empower” people. She now coaches CEOs, leadership teams and individuals on how to find their purpose and break down their obstacles to achieving their goals.

In this episode, Lynne and Jen discuss:

  • Jen’s belief that everything that comes our way is meant to teach us about ourselves
  • Infusing humor into life
  • Devising a routine to keep focused and grounded
  • How to use meditation, reflection, and visualization to create a path to success
  • What your younger self can teach you about purpose
  • The obstacles we create for ourselves and how to overcome them
  • Jen’s advice: stay in curiosity, feel comfortable with your own company, listen to your heart

Links and Resources

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