Designing Meaningful Spaces with Sabrina Colosimo

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Sabrina Colosimo loves what she does for a living, and she’s on a mission to help others mold careers that speak to their soul.

A creative entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada, Sabrina runs an offbeat urban design business called Sunday Creative

She specializes in reupholstering vintage furniture with bold fabrics, bringing exotic decor from worldwide travels to create unique designs for clients.

Sabrina was featured as a guest on Episode 95 of the Make Meaning Podcast, when she spoke to host Lynne Golodner about how she started her company, and how she helps others find meaning.

A Bold Path to Interior Design

Sabrina started out working in her dad’s business, a high-end remodeling company that specialized in kitchen and bathroom remodels. After 42 years, the company closed its storefront. Sabrina’s dad retired and she faced an uncertain future.

The closure of the family business gave Sabrina a chance to rethink what she loved about her work, and what she might do differently. She realized she enjoyed helping people create inspiring spaces, and her creative, eclectic designs resonated with others. 

Sabrina began traveling to Bali and Mexico to source handmade furnishings, and travel became a new way of life. She launched a line of custom wallpaper and established an online store to showcase her designs. And thus, Sunday Creative was born. 

A fledgling business when COVID hit, Sunday Creative blossomed during lockdown, which surprised Sabrina. Stuck at home during quarantine, people longed to beautify their spaces. Home design and remodeling projects surged. Sabrina quickly found a way to offer interior design consulting over Zoom.

Advice for Meaningful Careers


Sabrina’s enthusiasm for her work shines through her social media accounts, where she posts interior design inspo and video tips. 

After studying philosophy in college, Sabrina believes it’s important to apply philosophical questions to a quest for meaningful work.

Questions like:

  • What are my innate qualities? 
  • How can I use these qualities to impact the world?
  • What kind of lifestyle comes with the career I am being urged to pursue? Is it a lifestyle I want?
  • And, will this work be purposeful to ME?

Many young people pursue well-paying careers instead of thinking critically about whether it’s a good fit. Sabrina feels students must let their talents guide their career choice.

I feel like we’re always searching for the quick end, and not really exploring the bigger ideas,” Sabrina tells Lynne on the Make Meaning Podcast

It’s never too late to reevaluate your path. Sabrina says travel helps you explore – getting out of your normal routine and familiar environment and seeing who you become in new places and spaces.

That’s where you find input and perspective – and birth new ideas. She also suggests aiming for a baseline income instead of always chasing more money at the expense of happiness.

Whatever direction you’re going, make sure it resonates with you,” she says.